One Good Turns Deserves Another: A Lifeline of Kindness

Nurse Deneval's selfless act saves Patrick, a severely injured man, by providing a crucial blood transfusion and financial support. Grateful, Patrick offers her a transformative opportunity as a reward.

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At about 11:30 p.m., the wailing sound of an ambulance could be heard from far approaching the accident and emergency department.  Help! Help! The good samaritan shouted as he jumped out, running with his heart in his mouth to alert the nurses. The doors were opened as a fine young man, about 7ft tall, was lying in the pool of his blood, rushed in from an accident scene. Surrounded by medics, he was pulled onto a stretcher and wheeled into the building. 

Hello! Can you hear me? Nurse Deneval asked the victim as he was pushed inside and placed on a bed. Fairly unconscious,  he looked as if he kept staring at the nurse without giving a response.  The doctor on call arrived, and a physical examination was done with history taken from the good samaritan who rushed him to the hospital.  In his wallet, an ID card with the name Patrick and some contact address was found. He had lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion immediately,  but his relatives were nowhere to be found. 

“The victim needs to deposit some money before we do anything further”, the doctor instructed Nurse Deneval.  hours later, the patient’s vital signs were slowly dropping. The nurse informed the doctor, but it was obviously against the hospital’s policies to do anything against him without depositing some money. 

“I will make a deposit; we have to save this man’s life, please”, said nurse Deneval. Okay! So do that and bring the receipt. We will commence further management at once, the doctor said. Nurse Deneval made the necessary payments, and treatment was commenced as agreed. Thankfully, the patient started regaining consciousness, and the doctor informed him of the decision to transfer him. He was counselled, and consent was given. When I got to the blood bank, I saw that there was no O-ve blood or a donor at the time. I’m O negative, said nurse Deneval. I will give him blood. Can I be screened, please? Oh great, replied the doctor. The nurse was screened, and the patient was transfused.

Good afternoon, Mr. Patrick; it’s a brand new day. How are you today? I am Deneval. I received you here 2 days ago. Oh yeah! I have been asking to see you, you saved my life, and I want to say thank you. I will never be able to repay you for this kindness you have shown to me. Oh no! I didn’t save your life, Mr Patrick, God did. I was only an instrument God used. It’s my job to save and nurse lives, said Nure Deneval.

At 10 a.m. that morning, the team of doctors came on rounds, and Mr Patrick was reviewed; upon review, his MRI result revealed he needed brain surgery, which required him to be flown to Europe, where the surgery would be done. Mr. Patrick happened to be an engineer who came into town for a job and was unfortunately involved in an accident. His family lives in  Ghana, and he would need a caregiver as he travels to Europe.  Mr. Patrick requested that Nurse Deneval go with him as she has been involved in his treatment and has been a good source of strength and hope to him. Me? Asked nurse Deneval. But I don’t think I have the required documents to fly with you to Europe, she said. Don’t worry, all of that will be sorted out if you agree to go with me, Mr Patrick said.  Days later, nurse Deneval came back to him with her reply. She agreed to escort him for his surgery. This gladdened Mr. Patrick’s heart as he smiled and said, “Thank you, so much”.

Weeks later, after the surgery, Mr Patrick sent Nurse Deneval back home to Nigeria with a reward of 10 million naira as a token of kindness and love and a proposal to further her education in any country of her choice. She rejected the offer. “I never accept a pay for my kindness.” She said, But Mr. Patrick insisted and told her how much more she was worth and deserved than this. Moreover, one good turn deserves another.

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